Identification of the best management options for the rice quality processing centers: Case of Cameroon

A study was conducted in 2011 immediately after the installment of quality processing centers in Cameroon, Chad and Central African Republic where the CFC implemented a pilot project on rice productivity and quality enhancement. Its objective was to identify most profitable and sustainable options for the organizational and management structure for the centers to convince micro-financial institutions, local traders and processors to invest in the centers and work in coalition with shareholder smallholder farmers. The study concluded by identifying the „Purchase, Process and Sell Option‟ with a combined management committee of 2 farmers and 3 traders/millers as most suitable.The study provided quantified instruments and the level of economic profitability of each section of the centers to the private operators (including farmers). It also revealed the need to develop secondary rice processing as a tangible source of revenue which commonly remains underutilized in sub-Saharan.

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